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Applying for a mortgage in Spain is quite different from applying in your home country. Will the Spanish bank accept you? And how much can you borrow in Spain? What will your monthly costs and interest rate be? How much of your own money do you need?

Our mortgage indication provides answers to your specific situation and ensures that you meet the criteria of the Spanish banks before you make an offer on a Spanish home. You will gain insight into your financial options and you will know how you can best realize your purchase.

Meet the bank's requirements

Did you know that you can only finance 70% of your home purchase? And the buyer costs are 12-14% in Spain?

With our indication we ensure that you know whether you meet the strict requirements of the Spanish banks. This way you stand strong!

The mortgage indication is suitable for two situations:

  • You have a home in mind and want to know whether you can finance it and what that means for your personal situation.
  • You want to know your maximum mortgage amount before you start looking for a Spanish home

We will send the indication within 20 minutes. This means you are quickly informed of your options & negotiating position!

Hypotheekindicatie spanje
Hypotheekindicatie Spanje 2

What you receive:

When you request a mortgage report, you will receive from us:

  • Your financial space per month
  • Maximum mortgage and purchase price
  • Expected interest rate and term of the mortgage
  • Expected monthly costs (annuity)
  • Additional mandatory costs
  • Required own equity
  • Step-by-step plan “successfully obtaining a mortgage”

Order your mortgage indication:

✓ Requested within 5 minutes
✓ You will receive the report within 30 minutes
✓ First an extra check before you pay

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Mortgage indication

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