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We are happy to help you finance your dream home in Spain. A first step in your purchase is knowing how much you can borrow in Spain for your financing (and how much you need to bring yourself). We can do this financing calculation very quickly and comprehensively for you!

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With us, you arrange the best mortgage in Spain quickly, online and therefore inexpensively. By yourself and with personal advice. You arrange everything from a chair and save thousands of euros! Just think about flight tickets, hotel costs, visits to banks, etc.

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Advantages of Spain Purchase Guide

No additional closing commission at Spanish Bank

We mediate for the best conditions

Calculate and take out your own mortgage online with a Spanish bank

Secure upload option to send your data to us for file review

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"I was helped smoothly and well with finding the right Spanish bank for my mortgage. Was kindly helped and my questions were answered accurately. Thank you very much!!!"

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About Spain Purchase Guide

At Spain Purchase Guide, we offer you on the cheapest online mortgage option, which you can arrange yourself with our help. We help Dutch and Flemish people who already live in Spain or want to buy a property in Spain from the Netherlands. We have extensive experience in assisting buyers in Spain. We work quickly, correctly, transparently, and make sure you can enter your Spanish dream home with a satisfied feeling. All in your own language, of course!
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Calculate your mortgage in Spain

Use our maximum calculation tool to quickly and easily calculate your maximum mortgage and net monthly costs in Spain. That way, you know exactly where you stand.

Step 2

Arrange your own mortgage with our help!

With our help, you can arrange your own mortgage with a Spanish bank online, quickly and inexpensively. We help you with the whole process and make sure you get the best conditions for your financing.

Step 3

Champagne and a dream home in the sun

We will keep you fully informed online throughout the process. That way, you will know exactly when the champagne can be chilled and you can start enjoying your dream home in Spain. Felicidades!

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Need help or advice to make a choice? Our team of advisers is ready to help you every working day. Completely non-committal and with a clear Dutch approach.