Financial Plan Home Purchase

Discuss your financial plan for your Spanish home purchase with a mortgage advisor. Our specialist will examine your mortgage indication and engage with you to get the best route for a mortgage or financing!


Financial Plan Home purchase in Spain

Together with a mortgage advisor, you will discuss a financial plan for the purchase of your Spanish dream home. Our specialist will examine your mortgage indication and answer your questions about the route for the best-fit financing. We address questions on, among others:

  • Does the indication match your documents?
  • Is financing in Spain or the Netherlands/Belgium the best option?
  • Can you deploy surplus value and how do you do it?
  • Which bank fits your indication outcome?
  • How does the buying process work in Spain
  • Emigration to Spain
  • Rental of (2nd) property

In addition, you will receive:

  • Our eBook on successfully buying a property in Spain
  • An invitation to a call to discuss your funding plan