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Property valuation in Spain

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Spain Purchase Guide helps obtain property valuations throughout Spain. In this, we engage a professional valuation agency to determine the property value, but also do the first check on the land registry details of the Spanish property you wish to purchase.

So you can quickly arrange your mortgage and hence financing. We recommend combining this with legal assistance in Spain.. We engage a recognised & independent valuer to carry out a valuation valid for all Spanish banks. The turnaround time is 10-15 working days on average, from visiting the property to receiving the valuation report.

After the on-site technical inspection, the documentation and valuation report will be delivered within 5 days!

The cost of a valuation varies in Spain based on the (estimated property value). As a rule of thumb, you can take that the costs are 0.15% of the property value with a minimum of €360,- In addition, you pay a one-off fee of to Mortgage in Spain Direct as a down payment to arrange this for you remotely.


Get a professional valuation:

Spanish Mortgage's valuers are recognised and certified by the Central Bank of Spain and accepted by all banks in Spain.

Advantages of Spain Purchase Guide

Spain Purchase Guide arranges your valuation cheaply and quickly through a recognised and independent valuer . This means the valuation is also recognised by Spanish banks. This is necessary if you want to finance the property with a mortgage.

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"My partner and I were dealing with different banks in Spain ourselves but it was all taking a very long time. From the moment we enlisted the help of Spain Purchase Guide, everything kicked into gear. We have now been able to buy our house, even with all the restrictions during the corona crisis, fairly quickly."

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