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Documents for a mortgage in Spain

What do you need and what do you need to provide?

What documents do you need for your mortgage application?

The Spanish bank will request several documents since you are a foreigner applying for a mortgage in Spain. Your entire financial situation will therefore have to be substantiated by these documents. If you have a (married) partner, the bank would also like to receive his/her details below.

Of course, it is also possible to only apply for the mortgage. See below a list of the documents required for a Spanish mortgage application.

Deliver documents:

Note: If two applicants, you need to submit this twice!

✓ Copy of passport
✓ Income tax (from the past two years)
✓ BKR printout (retrievable from
✓ Bank statements (from the past six months)
✓ Annual mortgage statement (or copy of rental agreement Netherlands)
✓ Proof of own funds (savings account statement)
✓ Copy of Nota Simple (from the land registry, or provisional sales contract)
✓ NIE-number (can also be provided later in the process)


✓ Three recent pay slips (if you are employed)
✓ Annual accounts for 2 years(if you are an entrepreneur)
✓ In case of rental properties (proof of rental income and charges + rental agreements)
✓ Pensioner applicants (proof of net pension income)


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