Nota Simple

Explanation of title deed

What is a Nota Simple?

This document is an extract of the title deed of the property according to the Registro de la Propiedad, also known as theSpanish property register/cadastro. The owner must register his Spanish property in this land register.

A recent Nota Simple is required when applying for a mortgage as it allows the bank to verify that the seller is also the actual owner of the property.

In addition, not unimportantly, this document will help clarify whether the property is free of debts, tax arrears or issues such as repossession. The selling party is usually in possession of the Nota Simple and otherwise you can request the document through a contact person, such as a lawyer.

So beware: if the selling party does not want to provide the note simple, it may want to conceal something that is in the note simple. Of course, this need not be the case. Does the selling party want a provisional deed of sale signed before the note simple is requested? Then pay extra attention, as even a provisional deed of sale is often binding. In that case, request the Nota Simple first:

Requesting nota simple?

Can't arrange the note simple through the seller? Then you can easily do so through Spain Purchase Guide. Our legal specialist will arrange the extract at the land registry in Spain. You arrange it easily from the Netherlands and entirely online: